review policy

I accept review copies and am always open to an indie publisher. My tastes could broadly be described as literary-ish, though I’m a particular fan of the genre-buster which means I dabble in everything, I guess. Hardcore chick-lit (anything with cakes and pink ‘handwriting’ fonts) or crime (dimly lit alleys) is probably not up my street unless it’s doing something radically new.

That said, I do enjoy weighing in about the bees in other people’s bonnets, so nothing is strictly off limits, especially when it’s become insanely popular for no good reason I can think of.

I am tentatively accepting self-published authors for review, but please bear in mind that by sending a copy through, you are giving me license to voice my honest opinion about it, warts and all. That said, this isn’t just an exercise in literary badger baiting – there’s not much fun in tearing writers to shreds when they’re just starting out and don’t have the luxury of a publishing powerhouse behind them. So if I didn’t like it, I will most likely just send it back saying ‘NOT FOR ME THANKS, ALSO, WHY DOES YOUR MAIN CHARACTER’S HAIR KEEP CHANGING COLOUR/TIMELINE NOT WORK/WRITING SOUND LIKE A FEMFRESH AD?’

I’ll take an ebook for the sake of the environment.

OK? Great.


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