Mid-Week Treat: Mark Twain Brain Training!

Or as I like to call it….BRAIN TWAINING. (Zing!)

Yes, apparently Mark Twain was not only content to write American classics and pithy epigrams about his own death, he also invented what was basically an old-style brain gym!

Sadly, it looks like the world’s most insanely boring item.

As far as I could tell before I stopped reading lest my eyes leap of their sockets out of sheer despair, you’re supposed to make a game of sticking pins in the holes depending on famous dates? So really the game relies on you already having memorized a load of stuff, and also having a load of pins helpfully to hand (something presumably all children did in those days, before small pointy objects became dangerous to infants).

If you would like to learn more about Mark Twain’s life-enhancing recreational products, this website contains probably more than you would ever want to know. Or remember.

(thanks to vintage Maud Newton for the excellent tip-off).


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