To read (?): James Tully’s The Crimes of Charlotte Bronte

That question mark says it all. This week’s Follow Friday is a bit backwards. Posted on a Saturday, it’s a book which I feel a terrible compulsion to read. I feel like I’m in a horror film. I know it’s there. I know it’s bad. But I’m still following the sound of the creaking floorboard, calling out ‘Who’s there?’, turning on the light to find the mangled corpse of literature with a knife deep in its lifeless body.

Which is a fitting analogy, as this novel is apparently all about how the Brontes were stabbing each other in the back. Kaite Welsh’s review on the For Books Sake blog of the offending work of slash bio fic/Bioslash/fanbio/[all of these sound like cleaning agents rather than genres now anyway] is hilarious.

As well as being a tale of Arthur Bell Nicholls And His Magical Novel-Writing Penis, it is also a chilling horror story about the terrible things women do to each other when they’re stuck in the wilds of Yorkshire with nothing to do but write works of classic literature.

I know I shouldn’t…but it makes me kind of want to go there…


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